The Haiku of BlöödHag, or edu-core haiku.
(please submit yours)

amelia caton-garcia 11.12.04

eviscerate hip
white belt entrail turn while

Mars rover beeps, cries

Mr.©2008 11.03.04

geeks flock towards them
like pack's winter migration
yet no one gets laid

posting this poem
through invisible air waves

as John Brunner laughs

pete inc 9.20.04

hey computer guy,
hp stands for lovecraft, man
not hewlett-packard

codex 23 9.17.04

the books he threw out,
they hung to the air, like bats
a metal blessing

our van caught on fire,
like pine needles in the spring-
I hate Chehalis

Ozzy would be pleased
to see the moon rise through fog-
and hear Bloodhag sing