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felecia 11.18.04

Read your lyrics and had to congratulate you; they're fucking hilarious.
I'm very impressed that Octavia Butler's on the list.  Where's China Mieville?

peace, felecia

tron na na 9.21.04

It's great what you guys are doing. Keep it up. Are you ever going to do a C. S. Lewis song?

postmaster 9.18.04

Well, the site's back up, and besides from some misspellings from typing too long
at one sitting, it flows okay I think. I'd like suggestions though. I'm just throwing stuff up.
Please help with the message board and submissions.

 codex 23 9.17.04

Here's a cool link that Zach sent me. Hear what 6 sci-fi writers think of the state of the world and where we're headed.

Global to Local:
The Social Future as seen by six SF Writers:
Cory Doctorow, Pat Murphy, Kim Stanley Robinson, Norman Spinrad, Bruce Sterling and Ken Wharton
Organized and with commentary by John Shirley

barnes 8.26.04

Hey, my name is danny barnes, banjo player for the old band bad livers,
don't know if you know of that stuff, but anyways,
you guys are really cool.