Last Update 5-24-06

Well the Seattle Record Release Party went off without a hitch, but our guitar player Dr. Jeff McNulty got hitched... by J-Bot of Captured By Robots to his beautiful bride Cortney Smith. Everyone had a great time rocking out and laughing for an hour and a half while J-Bot performed eighties love songs for the wedding crowd.

Thanks to Scary Bear, Black Elk and J-Bot for playing this awesome night. It wouldn't have been the same without you all. We had the best record release party / marraige we could've ever hoped for.

Congradulations Jeff and Courtney! You're the best of peeps!

Last Update 3-30-06

Spring tour May 2006!

5/05/2006 Ash Street Saloon Portland,OR
  w/ Flying Fortress
5/06/2006 SOHC House party Medford,OR
5/07/2006 Alibi Room Arcata, CA
5/09/2006 TBA San Jose, CA
  w/ Gargantula
5/10/2006 Elbo Room San Francisco, CA w/ Stovokor
5/11/2006 Glendale Public Library Los Angeles, CA
5/12/2006 TBA Santa Cruz, CA
  w/ Gargantula
5/13/2006 Distillery Sacramento, CA
  w/ No Kill I, Stovokor
5/14/2006 Golden Bull Oakland, CA
  w/ Stinking Lizavetta



5/25/2006 The Funhouse Seattle, CA
  w/ Captured By Robots & Black Elk

Last update: 2-22-06

The long-awaited "Hell Bent For Letters" cd/lp has been recorded and sent off. We're proud to announce we'll be working with Alternative Tentacles for this relaese. We have a West-coast tour in early May that's shaping up quite nicely right now. Dates coming soon. Thanks to all who've helped with this project. Special shout-out to Gene Ha for the fantastic cover art!

LAST UPDATE: 12-5-05

"Mecca/Mettle" - published by Payseur & Schmidt.
102-page hardback first edition available now.

The long awaited Thomas M. Disch / BloodHag release is here! It's a limited first edition of 300 hardback books, signed and hand-numbered. Each member of the band has a short written piece included. Comes with a CD; 3 songs by BloodHag (one's about Mr. Disch), and the chilling sounds of X' for Eyes underneath Thomas M. Disch speaking / reading. All illustrated by Hugo-Award winning artist Tim Kirk. Oh yeah, it has screenprinted dust jackets. Need I say more... From the masterminds at Payseur & Schmidt. Going fast!

)There's a link on the front page for for more info on this publication... thanks-ed)

Last update: August 31, 2005

Transcribed from the blog on BloodHag's profile (8-30-05)

The Official BloodHag Song List

We occasionally get questions from people asking "why haven't you done such-and-such author?" or similar. Well, usually the answer is; we HAVE done a song about that author, we just don't play it as part of our current set. We've been around almost 10 years folks, and even though we're super lazy, that adds up to a lot of songs about a lot of authors.
So, to answer any queries you may have, here is our complete song list to date.
If you feel like it, request a song on this list next time we play. It amuses us to ignore you completely.


A.E. Van Vogt
Aldous Huxley
Alestair Crowley (sp? Our cover of Ozzy's Mr. Crowley)
Alfred Bester
Andre Norton
Anne McCaffery
Anthony Burgess
Arthur C. Clarke
Doris Lessing
Douglas Adams
Edgar Allen Poe
Edgar Rice Burroughs (first BloodHag song ever written)
Frank Belknap Long
Frank Herbert
Franz Kafka
Frederik Pohl
Fritz Leiber
Gene Wolfe
George Orwell
Greg Bear
H.G. Wells
H.P. Lovecraft
Harlan Ellison
Henry Kuttner & C.L. Moore
Iain M. Banks
Isaac Asimov
J.G. Ballard
J.R.R. Tolkien
Jack Womack
Jame Tiptree Jr. (Alice Sheldon)
Joanna Russ
John Brunner
Jules Verne
Kenneth Robeson
Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
Madeline L'Engle
Marion Zimmer Bradley
Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
Michael Moorcock
Michael Swanwick
Neil Stephenson
Octavia Butler
Orson Scott Card
Philip Jose Farmer
Philip K. Dick
Ray Bradbury
Robert E. Howard
Robert A. Heinlein
Robert Silverberg
Roger Zelazny
Samuel R. Delaney
Thomas M. Disch
Thomas Pynchon
Ursula K. LeGuin
William Gibson

Attempt at a BloodHag discography

Here at Skullastic Book Club headquarters, we like words that end with "ography", so here is an attempt at a complete BloodHag discography.
Note that I say "attempt", because I just can't seem to remember everything we've done. You'd think I would've written it down or something...


Swords Against Deviltry  - demo
Seventh Son of a Librarian  - demo
Dewey Decibel System  - 7"ep (Spork! records)
Hooked On Demonics  - "Book on Tape" ep (self-released)
G.L.O.W.: Gorgeous Ladies Of Writing  - 7"ep (Rock N' Roleplay records)
Necrotic Bibliophilia  - full-length CD (Rock N' Roleplay records)
Appetite For Deconstruction - CD ep (self-released CDR, ask me why!)

Compilation appearances and unreleased / upcoming recordings:

Robert E. Howard (Spork! records sampler cassette)
A Story By Philip K. Dick (unreleased, recorded for Multiball split 7")
A.E. Van Vogt (10 Things Jesus Wants You To Know comp.)
If I Can't Have What I Want, Then I Don't Want Anything (Screamers cover for The Necessary Effect Screamers Tribute Comp. - Xeroid/Extravertigo records)
Kurt Vonnegut Jr. (Is It...Dead? Rock N' Roleplay records roster comp. - Rock N' Roleplay/Sub Pop records)
Anthony Burgess (Wäntage USA's 21st Release Hits Omnibus comp. - Wantage records)
Madeline L'Engle (Down N' Derby Volume 1 - Rat City Roller Girls comp.  - Childstar records)
H.P. Lovecraft
Henry Kuttner & C.L. Moore (both recorded for unreleased "North-West Edu-Core" 7" ep)
George Orwell
Henry Kuttner & C.L. Moore
Thomas M. Disch (all three recorded for as-yet-unreleased BloodHag/Thomas M. Disch split CD/Novel)
(This is out now. See 'Mecca / Mettle' link on the front page. ...ed)
Reading Rainbow Bridge (proposed theme ep currently being written featuring Children's and Young Adult Sci-Fi authors)
Choose Your Own Adventure (upcoming full-length album! Get all excited!)

(We went with 'Hell Bent For Letters' instead. For discography click here...ed)