BloodHag had the blessing of being interviewed by KUOW's John Moe in April 2006 that aired live on "The Beat" for NPR. Professor J.B. Stratton and Dr. J.M. McNulty get down to the nitty-gritty of edu-core, BloodHag's literary intentions, discuss the upcoming release and listen to a snippet of a few new songs. The interview can be heard on NPR's audio archives at this link. The BloodHag interview doesn't happen immediately so be patient. It's there. The total play time of the interview is about 23 minutes. It's streaming audio so you don't have to wait for it to load all the way but you do have to listen strait through start to finish and can't jump ahead... Enjoy. For promotional use only. Big thanks to Puget Sound Public Radio KUOW 94.9 FM and John Moe for helping us inform the public of our mission.

Here's the link...

In other news: BloodHag was interviewed by Robert Smith for an NPR spot on "Weekend Edition" a few years ago when we were playing at the Bellevue, WA library. It's done really well and there's a part where they read Prof. J.B.'s lyrics in the "NPR voice." It made us all very weak in the knees. It runs about five minutes. For promotional use only. Thanks Robert Smith for this great five minute piece.

Here's the link.