Taken from the press pre-release for 'Hell Bent For Letters' on Alternative Tentacles Records 2006.

BloodHag is a four piece hard-core metal act with very short songs, the lyrics of which consist of biographies of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror authors. After eight years as a band, their recorded output culminates in HELL BENT FOR LETTERS (Virus 357), their first album for Alternative Tentacles due out for a street date of May 23rd, 2006.
Their book-throwing antics have lead to a tour of public libraries (documented in the video "BloodHag: The Faster You Go Deaf") BloodHag has played library shows all across the country including: Chicago, Boston, Queens NYC, Athens, Austin, Oklahoma City, Las Vegas, Minneapolis/St. Paul and New Orleans. The Seattle-based quartet has even been credited by the King County Library System as fitting the criteria for a literacy program! The band has been featured nationally on The Associated Press Newswire, The Library Journal, American Libraries Magazine, The Athens Flagpole, The San Francisco Bay Guardian, Thrasher Magazine and Sound on Sound. Internationally, BloodHag has been the subject of stories on BBC 4 radio, Canadian AP Newswire, and The London Guardian.

"Geek Rock with Balls a-draggin' and humor sharper than William Gibson's vision of the future" ­ Flipside

"Glorifyingly hooked on demonics, they make some of the heaviest snuggle underwear-soiling sounds this side of Spazz and Brujeria, while mixing in some Reading Rainbow." - Thrasher

For interview requests, please get in touch with: press@alternativetentacles.com